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Monitoring Retail In-Store Dwell Time

Customer in-store dwell time refers to the brief or extended period customers spend in a store. It's often used as a metric for measuring user engagement on web pages and online ads before returning to search results. Retailers also can use dwell time data to measure how long visitors remain in the store. Studies show, the more time shoppers stay, the more likely their spending will increase.

By studying dwell time analytics, you can learn a wide range of valuable insights about your customers, which can help you improve your store layout and where you place popular products. When customers remain in one place too long, it may show they need help from a sales representative.

Often overlooked is the correlation between dwell time and the store music. Lighting also may play a key role in how well your displays stand out and attract attention.

A Pathintelligence study found a correlation between dwell time and sales. Studies also found that sales can increase by 1.3 percent by increasing dwell time by 1 percent. By analyzing dwell time, retailers can:

  • Learn customer movement patterns in the store

  • Understand how prospects interact with displays

  • Determine where to place profitable products

  • Measure ROI for product launches

  • Experiment with different display layouts and signage

  • Decrease waiting at the checkout

  • Monitor staff productivity in real-time

It's important not to confuse dwell time with wait time. Dwell time is how long a customer looks at a product, and wait time refers to how long a customer waits at the counter before making a purchase. Both metrics are essential to improve the customer experience.

FastSensor as a Customer Dwell Time Monitoring Solution

Emerging technology, such as FastSensor, allows you to measure in-store dwell time and other metrics that reflect customer behavior. This technology comes with electronic sensors that connect to a shopper's mobile phone and collect customer data. Managers can monitor store activity in real-time by reviewing data on customer movement and other types of behavior.

Managers can further use this solution to find out which employees are most productive. FastSensor displays a heat map to detect specific individuals and distinguish between shoppers and employees. Using sensors to follow the customer on their journey can generate data for real-time analysis. That's a big leap from a few decades ago when market research took weeks or months to determine customer tastes and responses to displays.

FastSensor is an innovative platform that delivers analytics for retailers. You will have valuable data based on tracking the customer journey, which can help you improve the purchasing experience. Contact us now and find out how FastSensor can impact your retail business!



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