Measure complete customer journeys to increase retail ROI

Gather unmatched metrics from FastSensor's  analytics ecosystem about movement and engagement throughout your store. 

Create a data-driven shopping experience

Build a complete picture.

Reveal full customer journeys to better evaluate the performance of your marketing, content, products, and more.

Connect metrics to ROI-boosting benefits.

Utilize FastSensor's unique insights to increase sales conversions and improve customer experiences.


Customer Foot Traffic Heatmap

Discover hidden opportunities.

Uncover actionable customer behavior insights that boost sales while reducing costs.

On average, retailers see a 15% increase in cart size by extending the time customers spend in store by just 30 seconds.

Take control with our all-in-one analytics ecosystem


Conversion Funnel

More metrics for your money.

FastSensor's detailed Conversion Funnel helps management identify critical optimizations.

All your data consolidated, analyzed, delivered.

FastSensor's detailed Conversion Funnel helps management identify critical optimizations.

Give customers what they're looking for.

Determine which elements of your store visitors find most engaging and optimize accordingly.

How businesses are using FastSensor


Learn how FastSensor helped one of the world's largest activewear retailers improve their customer analytics across multiple locations to maximize company ROI.

Building better in-store analytics

Measuring brand engagement

FastSensor's retail analytics ecosystem identified engaged visitors and revealed sales opportunities for Beverly Hills-based luxury mobility company.


Hardware-enabled, AI-powered, ROI emphasized

How does FastSensor work for retailers?


Online Dashboard

FastSensor smart hardware (included with SaaS subscription) is strategically placed throughout the space, gathers anonymous, non-PII signals emitted by customer's personal devices, and sends these data sets to a devoted cloud server.

FastSensor's AI-powered, machine learning algorithm measures and makes sense of the above data sets, turning them into actionable analytics that include visitor flow represented by a customer heatmap, dwell time, display engagement, and more, all displayed on an online dashboard.

Store management implements data-driven optimizations and improvements throughout their store based on learnings from FastSensor data.




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