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The Data You Need, the Privacy They Deserve: Achieving Both with FastSensor

Here is a challenge for you. Spend 5 minutes reading the top headlines at the news site of your choice and count how many stories have to do with data privacy. 

Evil Corporation Inc Accused of Spying on Customer Data”

Social Media Site That Your Grandparents Use Too Much is Stealing Your Information”

“Data Breach! Company Loses Personal Data from Millions of Users to Hackers”

You hear it every day, right? World class thieves aren’t robbing banks for cash anymore, they’re hacking servers for personal information. Data is the new currency.

Here’s the problem, though. Data—just like currency—is important. No modern company can be successful without it. Customer data is what helps businesses make informed decisions but, in a world where data is currency, privacy is priceless. The public pays a lot of respect to a company who respects privacy. That respect equates to a good reputation, and we all know how valuable that is for a business.

So, how can a company collect the quality, actionable data they need while still protecting the privacy of their customers?

FastSensor: Like Web Analytics, but for the Real World

FastSensor uses passive sensors, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to provide you with key data points and previously unattainable insights about your customers’ behavior. Equipped with this information, you can make real-time decisions that positively influence your customers’ next actions and boost your ROI. 

Think of it like the web traffic analytics you get for your site, but for the real world. Track your customers’ movement inside your store—where they stop and browse, what routes they most commonly take, what parts of the store they return to most often, what parts of the store they avoid, and more.

Here’s the key part. Every single piece of data collected by FastSensor is anonymous, GDPR compliant, and gathered passively without any disruption to your customer experience. With FastSensor, you get the decision-making power of good data while protecting the privacy rights of your customers.  

Fully Anonymous

Valuable, useful data that you can act on does not have to be sensitive or personal. There is plenty of anonymous information available that can still be used to track consumer behavior. Cell phones and other devices emit radio frequency signals that are unique to that device on a regular basis. FastSensor “hears” that public signal as the consumer walks around the retail area to determine which device is where in the store to an accuracy of one meter.

Think of it like every customer whistling their favorite song as they walk around the store. You can hear the song in one part of the store, and then follow the music as the person walks from place to place. If everyone is whistling a different tune, you can then keep track of where each person is moving without ever knowing their personal information.

FastSensor anonymizes all the information it collects, disassociating any personal information from behavioral data. On top of that, FastSensor securely encrypts all the data it uses and does not retain any information that could be used to identify a customer. This means less worrying about making the news for being the victim of a data breach and more of your customers’ trust that you are being responsible and respectful of their privacy.

GDPR Compliant

Because FastSensor data is passively collected and non-personal, it fully complies with all GDPR requirements—the European standard of data privacy legislation. That means you can rest easy knowing that you are following all the privacy laws of the land with FastSensor. No spying accusations, no public outcry of information abuse, no need to hide anything.

100% Passive Sensors = No Bother to Your Customers

Everyone hates those pop-ups that ask permission to collect cookies, send notifications, have access to WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, etc. With FastSensor, your customer doesn’t have to deal with any of that. They don’t need to opt-in to anything, click yes on any pop-ups, or even have WiFi or Bluetooth turned on. They can walk through your spaces like normal and FastSensor will not disrupt their experience in any way. That’s the beauty of passive data collection. As long as they have a smartphone or similar device with them, FastSensor can get you the data you need.

Data, Without the Compromise

Privacy is important—not just to your customers, but as a human right. You should never have to compromise your values in order to be successful. FastSensor not only provides you with an unprecedented level of useful analytics and information about your customers, but it does so responsibly. FastSensor is paving the way forward and setting the example in how to use data the right way. Let us help your company do the same


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