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How Retailers Can Benefit from Heatmap Analytics

For brick-and-mortar stores to distinguish themselves in the modern market, they need real-time analysis of customer shopping behavior. Today’s customers are looking for more convenience and for a personalized shopping experience. One of the ways retailers can meet this expectation is through the use of heatmap analytics.

Why Should You Take Advantage of Heatmap Analytics?

Have you noticed the speed at which brick-and-mortar stores are redesigning their operations to fit the new trends in the market? Have you asked yourself what could be the reason behind this sudden change? Retailers realize that redesigning their store to improve the customer experience promises a better return. Guided by data gathered through heatmap analytics, you too can offer a personalized shopping experience to customers.

Heatmap Analytics Can Give Your Retail Business a Competitive Edge

Retailers operate in hyper-competitive business environments. By using heatmap analytics, your store can stand out from the competition. This tool captures crucial data which you can use to optimize a customer’s in-store experiences. Some additional benefits include:

- Resource allocation – Using heatmaps, you can detect areas where customers congregate and send associates to that area, see how traffic flows to different parts of the store, know when to open more registers, and when to scale up or scale down your staff.  

- Optimizing store layout – Understanding customer movement is critical for improving store layout. Using heatmap data, store owners can identify traffic bottlenecks and rearrange the store layout to better serve the customer. Heatmap analytics also allows you to experiment to determine the best arrangement for your departments, shelves and products.

For example, heatmap analytics helps you identify low traffic areas of the store and determine the impact of shelf rearrangements to drive more traffic to that area. And by comparing heatmaps from different locations, retailers can better understand and improve the performance of each store.

- Deploying more informed campaigns – Using heatmap data, you can measure the performance of marketing and promotional campaigns. You can quickly find out which ones attract visitors and prompts them to buy and which ones fall flat.

- Improve sales – Heatmap data shows how customers move through the store; it helps you identify high traffic areas, where to place undersold items and where to place high demand products. It can aid in strategic product placement decisions and help drive sales.  

Understanding consumer behavior is one of the biggest challenges for brick-and-mortar stores, it is also a strength of online stores. Using heatmaps, you can bridge the gap and become just as responsive as any e-commerce store. 

Stop Guessing and Get to Know Your Customers with FastSensor

Are you seeing the many benefits of using heatmap analytics for your retail business? Are you wondering how to get started? If yes, then consider FastSensor. FastSensor’s data and analytics generate real-time consumer insights for retailers. FastSensor offers a detailed overview of what is happening in your store through footfall analytics such as heatmaps and other insights into on-site customer behavior. Contact us now for more insight into what's happening in your store today!


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