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Start engaging today

FastSensor measures foot traffic interactions in physical spaces including trade shows, experiential activations and retail environments.

Bridge the gap between booth and visitor

FastSensor helps brands create better, broader experiences in trade shows and live events.

Learn how attendees behave and engage within and around your space with tools including time-in-view, booth dwell, and foot traffic heatmapping.


Answer questions before they're asked

With FastSensor for Retail, managers finally have the ability to extract e-commerce-style metrics from physical spaces.

Connect your insights to real results and create a shopping experience driven by customer input.

Warehouse performance

FastSensor for Industrial & Manufacturing is a suite of analytic solutions to help companies generate deeper insights across the entire value chain of their operations, quality, compliance, and safety.


Take FastSensor for a spin

Get a better understanding of how FastSensor will fit in your physical space with our Ecosystem Builder.

Enter the dimensions of your space, learn about strategically placing your sensors, and see projected pricing along the way.

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