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Provide visitors the experience they want

Maximize the performance of your trade show booth or event with analytic insights on visitor interactions, connections and more.

View your event like never before

Build the perfect booth.

Discover which booth segments drive visitor engagement and connect most with attendees.

Connect metrics to brand-boosting benefits.

Identify how to increase brand impressions, visitor engagement, and total conversions to maximize your investment.


Foot Traffic Heatmap

Enhance the visitor experience.

Uncover attendee preferences and tendencies and strengthen customer relationships.

"Over 90% of trade show attendees say they are searching for new products."*


Widen impact beyond your booth


Conversion Funnel

More metrics for your money.

Gather total brand impression, time-in-view, visitor engagement, and your most attractive areas.

Evaluate effectiveness of each event.

Understand which shows present higher value, which materials generate more impressions, and which staff members were top performers.

Optimize booth design or event layout.

Build  around bottlenecks while optimizing flow management and increasing engagement.

How can your booth use FastSensor?

Maximizing trade show booth performance

Learn how FastSensor helps brands deliver crucial KPI metrics to build the perfect trade show booth or event.

How does FastSensor work for events?


Online Dashboard

FastSensor Smart Foot Traffic Sensor(s) are strategically placed throughout the event or booth space, and gather anonymous, non-PII signals emitted by visitor’s personal devices, or FastSensor FS324B badge, and sends these data sets to the cloud server.

FastSensor’s AI-powered, machine learning algorithm measures and makes sense of the above data sets, turning them into actionable analytics that include brand impression, visitor engagement and average engagement time, time in view, most attractive areas, walk-by foot traffic conversions, and more, all delivered through downloadable reports and displayed on an online dashboard.

Event organizers, venues, brands and booth operators implement data-driven optimizations and improvements based on FastSensor-provided learnings.




Bolster your next booth

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