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Retail Analytics: Leveraging Data to Win More Sales and Customers

Data is powerful. It tells you how your customers shop and offers insights into what attracts them and what doesn't. Data also can tell you what makes customers want to buy. This is the power of retail analytics.

If you're running a retail business, you need to leverage data as it’s critical for success in today's competitive retail market. Gathering data and leveraging retail analytics enables you to make smarter decisions for higher profits and better customer satisfaction. 

Want proof? Alteryx and RetailWire conducted a survey of more than 340 retailers and brand manufacturers, in which 81 percent said they gather insights into how their customers shop. Seventy-six percent considered this information critical to their organization.

Make It Happen with FastSensor

FastSensor’s platform gathers key data, such as unique visitors, loyal customers and walk-by traffic. It can even track in-store coupon use and the number of qualified customers. The technology can tell the difference between shoppers, employees and fixed IoT assets which can help you more accurately monitor customer dwell times and employee productivity. 

Using FastSensor’s data, you can see engagement patterns, customer flow and buying behaviors. It's the kind of data you usually only see from the online retail world. You can use it to make the emotional connections your customers want.

What Are FastSensor’s Features?

FastSensor’s suite of powerful features allows you to transform your store into a high-conversion retail space that customers find attractive.

Straightforward information - FastSensor offers key retail shopping insights in simple-to-understand formats. Heat maps, graphs, tables and infographics are some of the available options.

Turnkey sensors - Sensors gather anonymous, non-personal data from customers' mobile phones. It offers critical insights such as customer flow, dwell time and how long a customer spends at the register and stores that information in the cloud where it is easily accessed in an online dashboard. 

Real-Time reports and alerts - Real-time reporting enables you to make immediate changes to increase conversions and enhance customer experiences. It keeps your retail space tuned to customer needs and desires.

Staffing insights - FastSensor offers critical information about how to effectively manage your staff. It enables you to staff your store to coincide with customer needs. It also tells you where employees spend their time in the store and where they should spend time to maximize engagement.

Heat mapping - FastSensor provides a time-lapse visual map of where your shoppers spend time. It shows which areas and displays are most attractive and empowers you to change the store's layout to boost conversions.

Think of what you can do with these real-time insights. For the first time, you can understand customer in-store behaviors in detail and at scale, and use that information to optimize customer experience and operations. Make changes on the fly and see the results in real-time.

FastSensor gives you the power. You have all the analytics online retailers enjoy. Now, you can leverage in-store retail analytics to make your customers happy. Contact us now and let us help you make the emotional connections and intimate experiences your customers want.



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