Keep Your Business Open and Your Employees Safe

New data to better manage your warehouse

  • ADAM - Social Distancing Monitoring

    • Keep employees safer with real-time physical distancing alerts

  • Eliminate Supply Chain Bottlenecks and Clusters

    • Better understand your space and how to manage employee foot traffic and flow for safety, ROI

  • Keep Employees Where They're Most Needed

    • Measure worker journeys to make data-backed improvements and take productivity to the next level

  • Analyze Operational Equipment Efficiency

    • Increase effectiveness of scissor lift, forklift, carry deck crane, and other heavy machinery by identifying optimal journey path

  • Online and Offline Functionality

    • Robust suite of solutions allows for tailored, flexible approach depending on your business


Keep Your
Doors Open

Implement social distancing quickly, effectively to keep your business operational.


Configure tiers of alerts based on business structure to get visual data on social distancing at any of your locations.

Proximity &
Contact Tracing

Wearables that integrate with your employee routine everywhere, and help them to keep a safer environment.


Analyze efficiency of your employee journey through your space to discover improvements to increase output and ROI.

FastSensor industrial insights

Help Workers Get the Job Done - Fast
Warehouses - Help Workers Get the Job Done - Fast
ADAM - Proximity & Contact Tracing
FastSensor - ADAM Industrial - Online and Offline

FastSensor is the Most Accurate

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AI Technology?

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