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Meet FastSensor AI

Harnessing advanced artificial intelligence to increase individual and group engagement in physical spaces.

All-in-one engagement-boosting ecosystem

FastSensor is an AI-powered, hardware-enabled SaaS ecosystem that measures and analyzes complete, connected journeys to reveal ROI-boosting optimizations.


Online Dashboard

Powerful insights for your business

FastSensor provides e-commerce style metrics to connect the dots from each step of the physical journey and identify critical opportunities throughout your conversion funnel.


Foot Traffic Heatmap

"FastSensor is the best technology on the market and we are very proud to be partners."


Kia Motors

We grow as you grow

Our fully scalable ecosystem allows businesses to build custom solutions based on individual needs, KPIs or goals, and focus on what's most important for you.


We're always here to help

Have questions? FastSensor's team of dedicated account managers is always here to help maximize each experience.

So, what exactly makes FastSensor smart?

Our proprietary, AI-powered machine learning algorithm doesn't hurt.

total data points collected, analyzed, and ready to work for your business


How FastSensor Works

FastSensor smart hardware gathers traffic insights from physical data points along each step of the journey and sends these data sets to a devoted cloud server.


Screen Shot 2021-07-20 at 4.15.54 PM.png


Our AI-powered, machine learning algorithm analyzes and makes sense of these data sets while turning them into actionable analytics delivered on FastSensor's online dashboard.

Customers implement data-driven optimizations and improvements throughout their space based on learnings provided by FastSensor.




FastSensor continues gathering, analyzing, and delivering data points for ongoing customer optimizations.

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