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Getting to Know FastSensor and Understand How It Works

FastSensor is a powerful solution that helps many types of businesses measure their customer engagement in ways that were impossible just a few years ago. The technology makes use of the signals from the devices that most people have in their possession today – a smartphone. It uses nonpersonal signals that are sent from the customer devices to gather helpful information and data for you to improve your business.

The system only collects public RF, so there is no opt-in or signup required by the customer. It is reliable, easy to use, and can provide valuable insights into your business. The data that is collected from the devices can then be used to track the customer’s actions in a range of different ways.

The Benefits of FastSensor

To provide the best possible experience to the customer, it is essential that businesses understand as much as they can about how those customers interact with their business. This is where FastSensor can help in a range of ways.

The system is able to pick up the walk-by traffic in front of your store, restaurant, booth, etc. This will provide the business with an indication of just how many people are passing by without stopping into the location. The system can also let you know how many of the people who approach the location are actually coming inside or stopping at your booth, for example. This lets you clearly see the number of people who are just walking by compared to the people who come inside, which is another valuable piece of data.

This information can let companies know that they may need to change up their signage or make their location more enticing to customers to get them through the door.

Another measurement that FastSensor offers is the dwell time in your location. Dwell time is the amount of time that a customer spends at your business or booth. The system lets business owners know not only how long someone is in the business, but how much time they are spending in different parts of the location. The system is accurate down to one square meter, and you will have access to heat maps, tables, and graphs that let you follow the entire customer journey when they are in your location. Best of all, you can get this data in near real-time.

Consider just how valuable this type of data can be. You will be able to see which areas of your location are getting the most traffic, how much time people spend there, and compare the data that you receive with your sales information. If you have a bar in your restaurant, you can see how much time people are spending at the bar before going into the restaurant portion. You can determine how long people are waiting before being seated, etc.

It is possible to learn how people flow through the store, so you can get a better idea of which signage is and isn’t working well for your establishment. Find out how long people are spending in line before they are checked out. There is a wealth of information that will be available right at your fingertips when you use FastSensor. This allows you to make changes to your establishment as needed.

For example, you might notice that certain areas of your store are not getting much traffic at all. It’s time to look at the signage that you have in that area of the store, as well as the products that are located there. Is the area clean? Is it easy for people to see and access what they need? Is there help from staff available in that part of the store? When you begin to see the trends from your customers and their dwell time, it starts to become easier to see which things you might be able to change in your location to improve it.

In fact, it will even allow you to better manage the staff that you have at your location. By gathering data, you will know that certain areas of the store might need to have more employees available to help customers. You may find that you need to have additional staff at your registers at certain times of the day. You can also make these types of changes very quickly since the data is in near real-time. It can truly change the way you do business, which can help to improve the customer experience and increase the engagement of those customers.

The system is quite easy to use and to integrate into your location. It can work with a wide range of different types of companies. FastSensor works extremely well in retail shops of all sizes, vehicle dealerships, restaurants, and other eateries, and more. It can also be quite helpful for those who have booths at conventions or tradeshows. You can learn how many people are stopping at the booth and how many are just walking on by. Consider how much you can glean from all this data to improve your business.

Do You Want to Know More?

If you are intrigued by what FastSensor is able to offer, and you want to know more about how it can help your business, it is time to get in touch. You can quickly and easily get started. On our website, we have a red button called “SCHEDULE a DEMO”. You can simply click this button and fill out the form that follows. Once it’s filled out, you click on the red “CONFIRM YOUR DEMO” button. Get a demo up and running to actually see how it all comes together to work.

Once you have an understanding of how FastSensor works, you can see the benefits it offers in action in real-time. Seeing the benefits it can offer to a restaurant, retail store, the events you hold, a car dealership, and so much more will help you see just why it’s such a great addition to your business.



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