Improve safety and efficiency with tailored solutions designed to harvest ROI from your restaurant


Optimize Your Space, Enhance Guest Experience 


Track loyalty passively, understand repeated customers and the gap between visits without requiring opt-in or sign-up

Labor Optimization

Prevent potential hazards by identifying which guests were using the facility at the same time

Queue Management

Keep customers happy and business humming with more efficient queues and flow management for essential services

Foot Traffic & A/B testing

Understand customer count and flow to ​improve conversions and customer experience

New data & benefits to better manage your restaurant

Elite Social Distance & Contact Tracing Solutions

Keep employees safer through real-time haptic alerts, wearable devices, & customizable COVID-19 solutions for any space

Attract Customers & Increase Conversion

Identify frequency & attraction analytics for customers' behaviors to adjust menu items, daily specials, & more for a better dining experience

Develop & Measure Loyalty

Discover what's working & what isn't to make data-backed improvements that positively impact sales

Consume Your Analytics Your Way

Versatile data with clean, powerful dashboard output and API connectivity to your preferred business intelligence platform


Safe and happy customers

Social Distance Monitoring

Reduce the risk of illness and limit potential liability, all while maximizing the health and wellness of your team

Contact Tracing

Prevent outbreaks through detailed contact tracing capable of identifying high-risk interactions

Affordable Solutions

Beginning at 


Per Employee

Real-time Haptic Alerts

Our sleek, comfortable wristband provides users with real-time alerts when social distancing protocol has been violated