FastSensor collects and analyzes non-personal, privacy-emphasized signals sent from customer and employee devices to provide valuable information related to customer journey, employee safety, and social distancing, all designed to allow you to better optimize your business.

How it works

Turnkey sensors on private network gather anonymous, non-PII signals emitted by mobile devices and wearables.

FastSensor measures how customers and employees journeys, where and how long they stay, and how often they return - all while maintaining privacy.

The cloud platform accumulates data from all locations, providing a unified view across the chain in near real time.

FastSensor Qualified Visitors

What is a FQV?

A FastSensor Qualified Visitor (FQV) is a person that is part of a group that acts in a similar way (behavior) in a given situation, store, restaurant, venue or booth.  The algorithm learns the visitor behavior based on multiple analyses of the average persona and predicts the number of qualified visitors.

Why Qualified Visitors?

A FastSensor Qualified Visitor (FQV) has indicated interest in what a brand has to offer based on marketing efforts or is otherwise more likely to become a customer than other leads.

Lead Behavior

One of the most critical factors in differentiating a qualified lead is their behavior in your store, restaurant, venue, or booth and how they engage with your brand, products, and showroom.  The weight that a particular action or behavior carries within FQV scoring will depend on the patterns learned by observing all leads. Loyalty, number of areas engaged, dwell time, are some general characteristics FastSensor monitors and factors into FQV definitions.


Captures public RF only

No opt-in required

Passive loyalty


Private LTE network

ACL for dashboard



Accurate data

90%+ penetration

GDPR compliant

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