Our advanced AI-powered ecosystems reveal and measure complete, connected customer and employee journeys to help businesses improve safety and efficiency while maximizing ROI

FastSensor Gathers Behavioral Analytics Data

Our AI-powered ecosystem uses an array of minimally invasive hardware designed to optimize coverage for every space


  • FCC approved, weatherproof, longer range, easier deployment, lowers overall cost by 25%

  • A 2-sensor kit will cover an impressive 5,000 sq. foot of a standard open floor plan (single room)

  • A 4-sensor kit will cover a medium-sized location up to ~14,000 sq. feet with a standard open floor area (one large room)

  • Individually-tailored deployments to fit simple or more complex floor plans, including multi-story and multi-room spaces


FastSensor combines the power of machine learning and cloud computing to

 Gather, Interpret and Deliver behavioral analytics through a consolidated, comprehensive ecosystem

  • Simple to install, easy to use hardware
  • Private LTE networks
  • Gathers only anonymous, non-PII signals, GDPR compliance
  • FCC approved, easy deployment
  • Accurate to 1.5 sq. meters
  • Proprietary, cloud-based machine learning algorithm
  • Monitors safety, journeys, efficiency
  • Offers data-driven improvements, optimizations, ideas
  • All while maintaining privacy  
  • Clean, powerful dashboard output
  • API connects to your preferred business intelligence platform
  • Consolidated analytics platform that manages and measures all collected data pointsM
  • Easily accessible through mobile device, computer, digital signage

FastSensor Interprets Behavioral Analytics Data

Our proprietary, cloud-based machine learning algorithm makes sense of behavior analytics through advanced artificial intelligence

  • Differentiate between devices based on individual usage

  • Fixed asset identification and data segregation

  • Detailed behavioral triggers and analytics provide data-driven improvements and ideas

  • Social distancing, contact tracing managed safely, securely, and responsibly

  • Human and asset behavior monitoring, tracking, and optimization

FastSensor Delivers Behavioral Analytics Data

Versatile data designed so you can consume your analytics your way

  • Customizable dashboard easily accessible through mobile device, desktop computer, or digital signage

  • Utilize our API or data export capabilities to sync analysis to your BI tool of choice

  • Real-time alerts sent through handheld via email, mobile devices via SMS or email, or using webhooks in the API to drive a digital sign message or audio system alert

Safer Spaces. 

Smarter Solutions.

Maximum ROI.