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How FastSensor Measures Digital Displays and Connects Customer Journeys for NJ-based Boutique Salon

Questions surrounding digital displays and how to accurately measure their effectiveness have existed since the introduction of the technology itself. While it never really slowed down adaptation, it did present challenges for business owners seeking to truly measure the potential customers their materials engaged.

Those days are over.

Now, with elite foot traffic tracking solutions such as FastSensor, management can track their digital signage with the same success metrics they use to track their website; metrics that include impressions, engagements, and total time-in-view. Understandably, these analytic innovations are already having a major impact in the real world.

Meet Panico Salon, a full-service salon and medical spa in an upscale New Jersey neighborhood who recently integrated new digital signage displays around their space to expand their marketing efforts and boost the overall customer experience.

Below, learn how FastSensor, in conjunction with our partners at Samsung, is helping Panico make sense of their results, implement data-driven optimizations, and ensure they are offering their customers exactly what they're looking for.


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