Better understand and assist your customers with tailored solutions designed to harvest ROI from your dealership

How effective is your auto dealership?

Our AI measures your showroom engagement


Identify and engage with unique customers across all locations, and collect data on frequency and attraction for individuals.

Keep Customers Comming Back

Measure your service and maintenance bottlenecks, and use FS data to take customer satisfaction to the next level.


Explore how customers navigate the showroom, adjust to optimize their journey, and recognize "ready to buy" shoppers.


Discover what's working and what's not, make data-backed improvements that will positively impact your sales.


New data to better manage your dealership

  • Foot Traffic Analysis

    • Your customer count and flow through a store over time

  • Attraction

    • Study browsing behavior to maximize the lot and showroom product mix​

  • Loyalty

    • Track loyalty passively, identify returning customer and measure your remarketing efforts

  • Service Queue Management

    • Service visitor conversion to sales interest

  • Labor Optimization

    • Schedule employees based on actual traffic patterns and customer counts

  • A/B Test

    • Improve engagement, dwell and conversions


Better benefits & new data to manage your dealership

Optimize vehicle spacing and display room capacity

Maximize each room in your space by mapping flow patterns to uncover optimal placement for each new model

Measure engagement to determine high-value customers

Who is spending the most time engaging with your display? Which customers stopped to look in the window? FastSensor AI reveals hidden analytics you didn't know you had

Optimize your dealership to maximize customer engagement

Which model is in high demand? Which spaces are too crowded? Discover actionable optimizations through data-driven analytics

Consume your analytics your way

Versatile data with clean, powerful dashboard output and API connectivity to your preferred business intelligence platform