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An Employer's Guide to Workplace Safety in the Age of Covid-19

As the reality of the coronavirus pandemic began to set in early in 2020, FastSensor, like many companies across the globe, found itself facing considerable questions about the future. Unlike many organizations, we were fortunate enough to be in a place to help.

Through extensive experience on the forefront of the contact tracing and social distancing battle, FastSensor has gathered considerable learnings about COVID-19 and how to protect against it. From outbreak prevention to contact tracing and social distancing.


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Our mission from the onset of ADAM has been to help business owners keep their doors open, employees safe, and interests protected. This is why we're proud to share the below eBook, An Employer's Guide to Workplace Safety in the Age of Covid-19, in an effort to help businesses of ALL sizes not just survive these trying times, but lay foundational groundwork to thrive in our new normal.

Below is a small excerpt, and the full eBook can be downloaded for free here.

We’re living in an unprecedented time. COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc globally and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future, up to and possibly beyond the point that a vaccine is developed. In response to the pandemic, many businesses have responded by requiring their employees to work from home. However, that’s impossible for many companies.

Grocery stores, clothing retailers, shopping malls, restaurants – the list of businesses that cannot operate on a remote-work model is incredibly long. To remain in business and provide employees with an income, those companies must continue to operate following an on-premises model. That puts employees, vendors, suppliers, and customers at risk.

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Three of the most challenging aspects for employers are contact tracing, handling the privacy and confidentiality issues that stem from contact tracing and enforcing social distancing. However, these are among the most crucial things to get right.

In this eBook, we will explore contact tracing, its operation and implementation, how to handle privacy and confidentiality issues, and more.

Continue reading An Employer's Guide to Workplace Safety in the Age of Covid-19 or learn more about FastSensor's contact tracing, social distancing, and outbreak prevention solutions by visiting our ADAM (Active Distance Alert and Monitoring) homepage.

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