Keep Covid-19 out of your business with safer, smarter Contact Tracing and Social Distance solutions using the first AI-powered human behavior mapping and interpretation platform

Active Distance Alert and Monitoring, or ADAM, provides up-to-the-minute data on the proximity and concentration of everyone in your location(s) using real-time monitoring of personal devices, wearable accessories, and individual alerts, allowing you to create a safer, distance-friendly environment in today's new normal 

Social Distance Monitoring



Real-time Haptic Alerts

Reduce the risk of illness and limit potential liability, all while maximizing the health and wellness of your team

Prevent outbreaks through detailed, wearable device contact tracing capable of identifying high-risk interactions

Our sleek, comfortable wristband provides users with real-time alerts when social distancing protocol has been violated

Affordable Solutions

Beginning at 


Per Employee

Customizable  Notifications

Configure different tiers of alerts, in real time, to get accurate, visual social distancing data at any of your locations

Online & Offline

Wearables that integrate with each employee's routine to improve your environment & productivity

Personalized Dashboard

Versatile data designed so you can consume your analytics your way

Mix and match our suite of solutions to create the right system for your business


Turn-key, plug-and-play device gathers anonymous, non-PII signals emitted by mobile & wearable devices


Compact wearable with 100-week lifetime, social distance, contact tracing, business optimization capabilities, perfect for professional environments


Sleek, personal wearable with powerful features, including vibrating alerts, all day battery life & more

Advanced AI

Machine learning makes sense of customer behaviors with greater than 90% penetration, fixed asset identification and data segregation 


Cloud platform accumulates data from all locations, providing a unified view across the chain in real-time

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