Monitor social distancing, and get back to business.

Safely. Responsibly. Quickly.


New data for today's new reality

ADAM - Active Distance Alert and Monitoring - gives you up-to-the-moment data on the proximity and concentration (not just capacity) of everyone at your location(s) using real-time tracking of personal devices, allowing you to create a distance-friendly environment in today's new normal. 

Customizable, Real-Time Notifications

Configure different tiers of alerts according to your business structure. Take advantage of our dashboard, API and alerts to get visual, real-time social distancing data at any of your locations.

Keep Your

Employees Safe

Online & Offline

Wearables that integrate with your employee routine everywhere, and optional online features to improve your environment and productivity.

No Opt-In, No Downloads

By using a radio frequency dissipation gradient, our sensors can determine the number and relative location of personal devices in any given area. 

Keep Your

Customers Safe

Build Confidence & Trust

Make the health of your employees and customers your top priority and reduce your legal liability with active social-distance monitoring that is Globally Privacy Policy Compliant.

Simple Set Up

Be up and running quickly with our portable, plug & play system. Get your organization up to speed with our self-training, Artificial Intelligence algorithms.


"Businesses need to be sure people follow the rules, and FastSensor produced ADAM to make sure they can."

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For fast and real-time analysis


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