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Social Distance Monitoring

Reduce the risk of illness and limit potential liability, all while maximizing the health and wellness of your team

Contact Tracing

Prevent outbreaks through detailed, wearable device contact tracing capable of identifying high-risk interactions

Real-time Haptic Alerts

Our sleek, comfortable wristband provides users with real-time alerts when social distancing protocol has been violated

Per Employee

AI-powered experiential insights reveal hidden ROI

Entire Attendee Journey Revealed, Measured, Analyzed

Online dashboard and API allow organizers to monitor each step of the visitor journey, attraction dwell time, and much more

Unrivaled AI Reveals Unparalleled Insights

Bring your event into the future with modern engagement tracking, outreach funnel analysis, brand impression data, and other proprietary data points

Measure Trade Show Booth Engagement

How effective is your digital signage? Measure attendee engagement like never before

Analyze Influence, Measure Conversions

Understand customer count and flow to ​improve conversions and customer experience

Equip your experiential event with the power of machine learning AI and cloud computing

Stop guessing - start measuring

Forget traditional tactics and metrics that fail to prove live engagement and let FastSensor unlock the ROI hidden in your event

How do I know my trade show booth is engaging?

Analyze behavior and engagement like never before to reveal detailed information on guest awareness, interest, decision-making, and more

Is my event signage effective?

Dissect detailed behavioral analysis to determine which displays drive the most attendee engagement

Consume your analytics your way

Versatile data with clean, powerful dashboard output and API connectivity to your preferred business intelligence platform

Need help measuring trade booth ROI?

We have a solution for that

New benefits for organizers, presenters and attendees

Trade Show 

Measure attendee engagement like never before, including advanced dwell time, foot traffic, and more

Optimize Event Space and Booth Layout

Strategically position your most engaging elements based on unprecedented behavior analytics and journey mapping

Reveal, Analyze, Optimize 

Uncover hidden data produced in your space with unprecedented, AI-powered optimization analytics