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Setting Up Powerful Retail In-Store Analytics

Physical stores can gain a special edge over the online shopping experience in the sense that they can connect more directly and personally with consumers. When a retailer chooses the right retail in-store analytics tools, they can improve the customer experience significantly.

Ways In-Store Analytics Improve the Customer Experience

The most noticeable way that retail in-store analytics improves the customer experience is when IoT technology tracks the customers' movements and identifies the areas of the store they spend the most time in. This information can help a store understand which areas and products are most attractive, and even help employees engage with customers to find out if they have questions about specific products.

Analytics from smart sensors provide much deeper details about the customer journey. The platform offered by FastSensor provides a wealth of data about customer interests and behaviors as well as data on store employees and product display engagement. It's a useful management tool for evaluating talent and store efficiencies. Important data to study may include the number of people on a floor at any given time or the length of time a group of people spends in a section of the store. Perhaps its most powerful aspect is that it provides an instant customer feedback mechanism, allowing for continuous and personalized adjustments.

By also enabling customers to use the store's free Wi-Fi system via opt-in, the retailer is building trust with the public. When customers use Wi-Fi, data collected from smartphones and sensors can be used to analyze customer purchasing patterns and create programs that reward shoppers for their buying habits. It can also be used to rethink the layout of the store's displays and products.

Arm Your Business with the Right In-Store Analytics Tool

The main things you should consider when choosing an in-store analytics tool for your retail business are:

  • Compliance – Retailers must comply with privacy and shopper protection laws or face severe legal consequences. Each store should use an in-store analytics program that allows for services that meet all requirements.

  • Integration – Make sure an application can integrate easily with existing technologies. It further simplifies customer data collection and allows for personalization.

  • User-Friendliness – The in-store analytics application should be intuitive and user-friendly for customers and staff members.

Employees can use analytics to learn about shopper behaviors and consumer trends over time. They need technology that allows for simple and fast research that can help create a refined and personalized experience for each shopper.

Why FastSensor Is the Best Choice

FastSensor is currently the most effective retail platform for customer tracking and analytics. Prior to its debut, there were no solutions on the market that could provide passive, cost-efficient, accurate data about customer behavior in real-time. FastSensor provides a broad overview of customer data related to buying behaviors.

The platform passively collects non-personal customer data without requiring opt-in and is fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA requirements. FastSensor's analytics generate consumer insights in real-time in the form of simple visuals such as heat maps, graphs, tables, and infographics. These insights allow retailers to provide a greater level of engagement with customers and inspire ideas for rewarding shoppers for their loyalty. The platform is easy to set up, and all of the analytics data is available in easy-to-understand dashboards, reports, and graphics.


The more a store learns about its customers from retail in-store analytics, the more it can offer them personalized choices. It also opens the door for increased engagement with shoppers. Consumers expect a positive customer experience due to advancements in technology, and many of them are aware of and welcome the benefits of new technologies. Contact us now to learn more about using our innovative technology for improving the customer experience.



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