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Do You Really Understand Customer Loyalty?

What About Loyalty Programs?

Loyalty programs have been given new recognition in recent years for several reasons. First, because customer loyalty programs have a variety of benefits for companies, but also because they have become an expected part of the customer experience.

However, loyalty programs don’t measure loyalty. People join dozens of loyalty programs but only remain active in a handful.

Although many retailers embark on loyalty programs with great enthusiasm, it is difficult to tell how well their loyalty programs are working. That’s because they lack the tools to measure and track progress towards their goals concerning customer loyalty.

Distinguishing Loyal Customers

Businesses can’t fully understand or capitalize on loyalty if they can't distinguish between a new customer, a passive loyal customer (a loyal customer who is not involved in loyalty programs in any way), and an active loyal customer (a customer who is a member of a loyalty program). Understanding and reacting to these different customer segments is vital to improving customer experience, retaining customers and increasing their lifetime value.

Enhancing Customer Loyalty with Technology

A key part of maximizing loyalty programs is understanding customer buying behaviors and other interactions along the customer journey. While there are various methods and technologies built to do this today, FastSensor is the only solution that can accurately distinguish between new and returning customers, and between active and passive loyal customers.

FastSensor creates a “Unique Object ID” for each individual’s related devices, and is able to track this unique ID as it moves about a store. If, for example, a customer has already been captured by a Unique Object ID and walks into the same store with a new smart watch and the same phone they had during their last visit, the new device is added to a database and tied back to the Unique Object ID. These capabilities, combined with an over 90% penetration rate, enables FastSensor to track ​passive loyalty​ better than any solution available. FastSensor keeps track of these unique IDs and their related devices, enabling the platform to track detailed

customer behaviors as they move through a store, from location to location, and their return visits. At this point, FastSensor will give you metrics like first-time visitors, visitor repeat rates, average dwell times, visit times and days, and other non-PII metrics. These metrics are valuable in spotting trends and measuring overall customer behavior and loyalty.

Typical loyalty programs may know who the active customers are, but they can't identify who the passive loyal customers are. What FastSensor can do is identify passive loyalty with great accuracy. With FastSensor, you can:

●  Find out more about customer behavior and improve your offering for all customer segments..

●  Understand passive loyal customers and improve their experience to further secure their loyalty.

●  Develop more effective strategies and tactics for converting passive loyal customers to active loyal customers.

●  Track changes in loyal customer behavior and take action to retain wavering customers or address any problems.


Customer loyalty relies heavily on a deep understanding of customer behaviors combined with advanced retail technology solutions that allow companies to make better decisions, predict customer typologies and deliver relevant and memorable experiences. When this approach is applied correctly, it yields an impressive set of business outcomes.


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