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Reasons to Explore Retail Virtual Queueing

Retail chains no longer have to guess if consumers will embrace virtual queueing retail solutions. FastSensor puts this type of valuable customer data in the hands of retail professionals. FastSensor turns sensors and smartphones into a powerful real-time retail platform for improving customer relations. 

Benefits of Retail Virtual Queueing 

Virtual queueing notifies customers when it’s their turn for service. Virtual queueing retail technology can help stores reduce wait times, boost impulse sales and service, which raises customer satisfaction and loyalty.

FastSensor has many powerful retail tracking functions, including virtual queuing management. Store clerks with access to this data can impress customers with personalized attention. The technology also can provide automated solutions to speed up transactions. The benefits of retail queue management include:

  • Providing a seamless luxury shopping experience

Virtual queuing gives retailers the ability to collect customer information when they register for the waiting line. Store personnel can use this data to predict customer needs, aid in handling returns, exchanges, or repairs, and helps customers navigate your store. You also can apply queue management in your loyalty program. It can be as simple as putting loyal customers at the head of the queue for the latest cool products or giving them members-only privileges in the store.

  • Reducing wait times for returns and exchanges

Service efficiency is crucial in an age when shoppers can check the best deals on their smartphones. Virtual queuing helps shoppers avoid long waiting lines and improves service efficiency. It allows your employees to speed up returns and exchanges. A virtual queuing program allows customers to schedule a pickup time. The system also allows for batch processing instead of serving each customer one at a time. This function further speeds up the return or repair process.

  • Influencing repeat business

During returns and exchanges, retailers can use experiences to interact with customers and persuade them to think more positively about the store. A recent Medallia study found that a favorable return experience motivates visitors to continue shopping at the store. Hearing and resolving complaints is something consumers value, as well as timely repairs.

  • Facilitating in-store pickup options

Shoppers often prefer the store pick up option since it reduces the wait at the register. They can just go directly to the pickup area to retrieve their purchase, and they save on shipping. The more you can reduce wait time, the better chance it will create a positive customer experience.

Retailers may sometimes forget that investing in service efficiency can go a long way in terms of ROI, but FastSensor makes it possible. Mixing IoT technology with customer service allows you to create memorable customer experiences.


Improving the in-store experience and customer satisfaction is a concern for all retailers. FastSensor is a simple solution to this complex puzzle, which can make a big difference in sales conversions. The platform measures various retail components, including queue management success. Contact us now to learn more about virtual queueing retail solutions and queue management systems. 



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