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Measuring, Analyzing and Comparing Walk-by Traffic with Walk-in Visitors to Improve Retail Sales

How could your business benefit if you knew precisely how many people walked by your front door every day - and, more importantly, if you knew exactly how to convert those passersby into walk-in customers?

Cities large and small present foot traffic opportunities for retailers. While some are obvious - businesses in New York City's Times Square witness 380,000 walk-bys per day; others, such as Peoria, IL, present possibilities some retailers may find unexpected, such as the 15,000 daily passersby that make their way through a downtown intersection.*

Why is this interesting? Even in a small, midwestern city like Peoria, the ability to convert just a handful of the individuals already passing by your space has the potential to meaningfully increase your bottom line.

Increase Retail Sales Conversions with FastSensor

How can you boost your retail sales with FastSensor's walk-by and walk-in measurements?

Let's take a look.

From here, the road to further optimization and profits becomes further automated and simplified. But store managers also have the opportunity to go even deeper with FastSensor's detailed customer analytics.

Want to learn more about FastSensor for Retailers?

Visit for more information or schedule a demo today.

*c/o Fit Small Business


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