RO.i by FastSensor Allows Retail Organizations to Measure Occupancy, Other Key Behavioral Analytics

Since our founding back in 2013, FastSensor's mission has been to evolve the way businesses view and optimize their spaces, creating new tools that allow for better visualization and implementation of cost-saving improvements.

Now, with the introduction of RO.i by FastSensor, the latest step forward in our line of innovative products has arrived.

RO.i stands for Return on Intelligence and is FastSensor's proprietary AI-powered ecosystem that gathers, interprets, and delivers actionable analytics from physical locations, capable of providing much-needed KPIs for business owners.

In retail environments, RO.i is particularly effective, measuring complete, connected customer journeys that begin at the front door and proceed through checkout. Interested in walk-by or walk-in traffic? RO.i does that. How about total occupancy? RO.i does that, too. In fact, the list of benefits RO.i can provide your store are too abundant to list here, and can be found in greater detail on our retail page.

Level up your data by letting FastSensor build you a better door counter. RO.i by FastSensor provides you the necessary information to make better sense out of your space.

How can RO.i boost your bottom line? Let's find out together. Schedule a demo to learn more or visit the FastSensor Shop to purchase online.