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FastSensor Integrates Services With Google Data Studio

San Diego, CA. FastSensor, which tracks consumers in a wide variety of retail outlets to identify off-line shopping patterns and reverse into a Real-Time Tracking Experience (RET), this week excitedly announced they have integrated their services with Google Data Studio (GDS), a tool that turns data into informative reports that are easy to read, easy to share, and fully customizable.

FastSensor will still provide its friendly dashboard interface, and adding the customization option through GDS would cater to its client base looking to go above and beyond the norm. Now, with the GDS partnership, brands have customization options they could never dream of.

Additionally, this past February, Google announced that the reports are both free and unlimited for anyone wishing to create them, establishing never-ending potential for brand development and growth today.

Daniel Bichara, CEO at FastSensor, revealed his primary goal: “Let’s provide a variety of connectors to bridge our reliable information and powerful analytics with different data sources to help the retailers to succeed.”


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