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How Experiential Events and Trade Shows Can Reopen Safely with FastSensor’s Covid-19 Solutions

One of the hardest hit industries amidst the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis has been live events. Similar to a tidal wave crashing upon a colony of finely curated sand castles, early last spring we saw concerts, trade shows, consumer shows, and more instantly wiped off the map.

Now, with vaccine distribution underway, we can begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and the need is clear to collectively find ways to make people comfortable getting back out there, and not only being safe - but also feeling safe.


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You’re probably thinking that a massively attended auto show isn’t likely in the near future, but what we’re seeing are smaller, curated, private events that have a full array of safety procedures built in starting to happen again.

These shows allow more controlled environments, with opted-in guests, who will gladly share personal details up front as they will be reassured that social distancing will be enforced (using smart, accurate solutions such as FastSensor’s) and, in the event of a confirmed case of Covid-19, full contact tracing is possible with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Attendees can have a badge, wristband, lanyard or other form-factored hardware that will give them haptic vibrations, as well as auditory and visual alerts if they get too close, all in real-time. These user alerts create consistent awareness of social distancing for all guests to mitigate spread and maximize safety.

So, why are we talking about all this? A FastSensor partnership with your organization to roll out AI-driven social distancing and contact tracing technology, a key component of an overall Covid-19 safety and risk mitigation plan that is not only (likely) mandated, but necessary to allay public concerns, ultimately means peace of mind for event organizers.

FastSensor has been supporting the events industry since 2013, measuring Attendee Analytics for our first auto show with a global automotive manufacturer. We use radio frequency trilateration and artificial intelligence to track a variety of engagement analytics, including Brand Impression and Duration (~90’ view of your booth or activation), Walk-By Traffic, Qualified Visitors to your activation, Dwell Time, Attraction by Area, Loyalty/Return, all with over 90% penetration. We can even use behavioral attributes to determine Browser vs. Engager tendencies and patterns. All with no downloads, no opt-ins, no end user awareness, and full global privacy policy compliance - always.

Government bodies have enacted rules and regulations requiring these and other measures in order to get people safely back to work in all environments. These now extend to events and will allow governments at all levels to feel more comfortable allowing the industry to reopen.

If you are thinking about an event and want to create an environment that is as safe as possible to protect your attendees and other involved parties, make sure you’ve got expert support to ensure the safety of your guests, vendors, and employees. Otherwise, it’s going to be another long year waiting for the industry to come back to life.

Learn more about FastSensor & our goal to help the events industry get back to business, safely!


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