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How can Climate Change Impact the NFL Super Bowl or Other Major Events?

As Super Bowl LIII looms closer, sponsors compute the aftermath of a cold week with record low temperatures. For those using FastSensor to track the visitors during the opening event in Atlanta, GA this week, the impact of climate change on their experiential marketing activities is clear.


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The chilly Wednesday promoted a 97% drop on foot traffic and 82% reduction of the total customer engagement time with products (see graph below). That plummets the chances to generate leads and sinks the return on investment.

Even considering the pre-Super Bowl week a secondary — but mandatory — opportunity to interact with customers, would you invest millions of dollars on promotion without knowing the real ROI?

The weather forecast for the upcoming Super Bowl looks unpredictable and sponsors have different metrics to estimate the yield of their marketing actions, but FastSensor actionable data unleashes the power to improve the ROI based on accurate and cutting edge technology.

Learn how FastSensor worked with several sports teams to prevent outbreaks with detailed contact tracing, allowing them to keep the players on the court and the ball in the air.


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