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Social Distancing, Contact Tracing & Sports: How ADAM Can Help Bring Back Our Favorite Games

Amidst the unprecedented circumstances created by the COVID-19 crisis, one of the most unusual was the stoppage of organized sports. From professional to collegiate to amateur, the sports world pressed pause in early March in an effort to slow the spread of the pandemic & analyze the safety concerns that arise when 100,000 observers pack into an arena.

As leagues slowly begin to crawl back towards operational status, those safety concerns are still just as valid as they were when this all began, with leagues, teams, & affiliated organizations still trying to determine a safe, secure way to return to action.

Imagine for a moment the act of attending a live sporting event. From the beginning of the process to the end, we're surrounded by the masses, making social distancing not just difficult, but nearly impossible.

How do we solve this?

In South Korea, they’re playing baseball without fans in attendance. This slows the spread of coronavirus, but at the apocalyptic expense of the bottom line - as well as the fan experience.

Back in the United States, the NBA is preparing to return to action by creating an isolated basketball bubble in Orlando, FL., where players & coaches will be asked to spend upwards of three months away from friends & family in order to compete in a single location, sans fans in the stands, similar to amateur squads participating in single-site tournaments.

As is the case in much of this new normal, finding a solution is complicated.

That’s where FastSensor comes in.

Our physical distancing tool, ADAM, is here to offer the sports world an assist.

ADAM, which stands for Active Distance Alert & Monitoring, can measure & monitor the flow of fans in & around a stadium. It’s capable of informing stadium management on the pain points within their facilities, & providing tools to measure the results over time of efforts to mitigate the risks of problem areas.

Are the concession queues too crowded? ADAM will let you know.

What’s the optimum number of attendees a given venue can support while remaining compliant with social distancing? ADAM can help you with that, too.

What’s the optimum flow of foot traffic both in & out of an arena? Yes, ADAM can analyze that as well.

It’s no secret, we all want our sports back. But not at the expense of the safety of the fans or players.

FastSensor’s ADAM technology can, quite literally, help you kick things off.

Learn more about FastSensor ADAM & our goal to help the world adjust to this unusual circumstance.


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