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FastSensor Customer Tracking to Attend NRF 2020 Vision

FastSensor has announced the company's attendance at NRF 2020 Vision, as well as its partnership with Accuvia, which will also attend the trade show. 

Wilmington, Delaware – January 9, 2020 – FastSensor, the company responsible for developing and deploying the first AI-powered people tracking solution for indoor venues, has announced it will attend NRF 2020 Vision, as well as a partnership with Accuvia, which will also be attending.

NRF 2020 will take place from January 11 through January 14 at the Javits Center in NYC. Billed as "Retail's Big Show," the event encompasses a broad range of activities, including guided retail store tours, food tech workshops, innovation expos, exploration of retail jobs today and in the future, and more.

FastSensor will attend NRF 2020 to highlight the company's unique ability to deliver real-time customer behavior insights to inform engagement and improve sales while the customer is on property. The system is passive, requiring no downloads or opt-ins, and helps reta

ilers and other businesses measure essential elements required to improve sales and business performance, including:

• Key points throughout the customer journey

• Customer engagement throughout their on-premises experience

• Customer loyalty from touchpoint to touchpoint

Through this unique combination of AI and groundbreaking tracking technology, FastSensor can surface patterns and trends, help retailers locate qualified leads, and even provide the means to drill down into marketing campaigns to control the cost of customer acquisition and improve overall ROI.

FastSensor will also partner with Accuvia, which will be presenting at the show and will be located in Booth #662. Other activities planned for NRF in which FastSensor's team will be involved include the Decision Point customer appreciation event, as well as with the Honeywell booth. FastSensor has officially enlisted as part of Honeywell's Independent Software Vendor Partner Program.

About NRF Vision 2020

NRF 2020 Vision is the cornerstone of NRF Retail Week, which is held annually in New York, New York. The event brings together 38,000 attendees with over 800 retail technology exhibitors, 400 speakers, and almost 200 sessions and events; all focused on the retail industry and its future.


About FastSensor

FastSensor, the first AI-powered, people tracking solution for indoor venues, delivers real-time customer behavior insights that drive more on-site engagement and sales. Requiring no opt-ins or downloads, FastSensor's AI platform tracks and analyzes customer behavior in indoor spaces and reports back key metrics like engagement, loyalty, traffic heatmaps, dwell time, and conversion. Accessed through a simple, browser-based dashboard, FastSensor data measures buying behaviors along the customer journey to improve ROI. Like web analytics improve the e-commerce buying process, FastSensor can be used to improve the customer experience, layout, and proximity-based promotions across all physical venues in real-time. The technology unveils customer behavior patterns and locates qualified leads so retailers and event organizers can analyze their marketing campaigns, cost of acquisition, and the return on investment. Founded in 2013, FastSensor is a Delaware company with offices in California. The company has served major retail brands, event organizers, stadiums, and dealerships.


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Eli Graham
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