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Maximize Your Experiential Marketing Campaigns with FastSensor

Say goodbye to the traditional billboard campaign. It's dead and buried. Consumers dislike having ads shoved in their face. They skip commercials and block browser ads. So, how do you get their attention?

Experiential marketing is the answer. Also known as engagement marketing, this strategy focuses on engaging customers by making them part of the brand experience. The goal is to create deep emotional connections between your brand and your customers.

Why Is It So Effective? 

People value emotional experiences. Engagement marketing involves customers with your story and connects them to the brand. They don't feel you are selling to them. That's the critical difference. If you can make that critical emotional connection between your brand and the consumer, they become a long-term loyal customer who buys your products and recommends the brand to others. 

How Do You Measure Experiential Marketing ROI?

When planning a new marketing event, take time to define your objective. Do you want to increase your social media following? Do you want to sell more or different kinds of products? Your objective helps define the KPIs and collect data to measure ROI which will indicate campaign success.

Never Forget to Gather Data

How do you engage your customers and get them involved with your marketing? How do you measure what is happening?

Collecting data related to your objectives is crucial. So, while planning your next event marketing campaign, don't forget to plan for collecting data. Some of the key metrics that help determine how successful an experiential marketing campaign include impressions, engagements (both social and in-person) and the amount of time someone spends at the event.

Be creative with your data collection. And, keep in mind that, once you have collected accurate data from your audience, you can use it to connect with them in a deeper way. The result of accurate data collection is an ROI that is provable and event follow-up that is successful.

Tracking Customer Engagement at Experiential Activations

Technology can expedite your engagement marketing from beginning to end. It’s important to understand how engaging your experiential activations are, such as how many visitors they attract and how long they engage at the event. You need the right solution to measure these interactions and build effective marketing campaigns that will maximize dollars spent.

FastSensor is an effective solution that uses AI-powered, people tracking sensors and software to give you insights into customer behavior in real-time. You can use the insights to improve on-site engagement and sales. The platform tracks behavioral metrics such as traffic heatmaps, engagement, conversion and dwell time.

With the information FastSensor gathers, event organizers can improve customer engagement and quantify the efficacy of experiential activations. Experiential marketing is here to stay, and your company needs to invest more time and effort into it. However, you need to get effective technology in place first. It will make it possible to show its impact and success.

FastSensor gives you the power to track attendee activity and view robust reporting and analysis. It helps make experiential marketing an effective and measurable strategy for your company. Contact us now and learn how our solution can boost your event marketing campaigns!


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