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Your Phone Cannot Go Off Grid​ From FastSensor

Businesses are looking for new ways to first understand who their customers are, where they are, and how they can service them better. Kalon Welch EVP, Business Development of FastSensor explains to Don Witt of The Channel Daily News, how their technology allows businesses to take advantage of the mobile phone or other device being used by customer prospects when they are out shopping.

FastSensor has the capability of monitoring the customers around a store or business facility to within a meter. This is accomplished through one of several technologies available in the devices being tracked by their Mac address including:

  • WiFi

  • RFID

  • Bluetooth

  • And a couple more

You cannot go off grid from FastSensor when you are in a shopping area. While you may be tracked, you are not identified unless you choose to sign up for a store promotion that may be pushed to your device from the store marketing programs.

If you need feedback on how effective your advertising is and how well your products are received in your store by the customer, then you will need to check out this technology.

Through the tracking software, they will let you know:

  • How long they looked into the window

  • How long they were in the stare

  • How long they were at various displays

  • If they were in the store before

This can have a significant influence on how a store is organized and the type of product that is purchased for the store shelves.


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