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Using Indoor Location Tracking to Measure the Impact of a Trade Show

Trade show exhibits have the potential to massively impact a business. An event allows businesses to interact with many new potential customers and contacts in a short time. There is great opportunity to conduct marketing, collect new leads, and close new sales, but all this exposure comes at a cost. 

Trade shows are difficult and expensive to organize. It takes a sizeable budget to register, prepare the promotional materials and demos, and position staff to run the exhibit away from the office. This high cost means it is essential to assess how well your trade show exhibit is performing, and that’s where FastSensor can help. Using an indoor location tracking solution like FastSensor can help marketers and event organizers quantify their booth performance and return on the investment of time, money, and effort in an exhibit.

Traditional Trade Show Metrics

You invest a large amount of money into a trade show or business event to generate new business. Consequently, marketers are pressed to prove efficacy and ROI, or otherwise risk losing budget for future events. Traditional measurement for trade show performance and ROI can include tracking numbers for:


Scheduled meetings


Close rate


However, not all of these KPIs are under the control of the marketers. Sales performance, for example, falls out of their purview. They have limited control over the sales organization’s ability to drive close rate and revenue. Even at the booth itself, it is difficult for marketers to measure sales team performance against a booth’s ability to drive foot traffic, engagement and brand impression. With indoor location tracking, marketers gain access to a whole new world of measurement that reflects an accurate view of booth performance.

Making Use of New Trade Show Metrics

By measuring various trade show metrics, you can learn a lot about how often your booth was visited and how much customers and potential customers engaged with your exhibits and representatives. Using sensors and wireless technology, you can measure how many people visit your booth, their routes within it, and the duration of visits. Heat maps of foot traffic show you how effective your booth layout is and how effective different displays in your booth are at pulling people in and keeping prospects’ attention.

With the right technology, extracting this information can be done easily, without disrupting booth visitors or occupying your staff. Indoor location tracking platforms like FastSensor are specially designed for measuring and tracking foot traffic in real time, so you get a clear and accurate picture of your booth performance.

Prove Your Booth Performance and ROI

A trade show is a huge undertaking. Metrics provided by indoor location tracking software like FastSensor can help you maximize the impact of your trade show effort and quantify the return on your event investment. Contact us now so we can help you optimize your trade show efforts!


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