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The New Heat Map: Foot Traffic and Transaction Opportunities

Any business owner knows that the more people who walk through their business doors and stay to spend money, the better. The goal then becomes how to get more people to not only walk through those doors, but to also stay and spend more than the bare minimum.

We’ve moved past the traditional heat map products available today, simply outlining what physical areas in a store perform better than others, and have turned our attention to the transaction opportunity in a given business. Our new FastSensor Heat Map takes the potential consumer opportunity into account, presenting an entirely new heat map that places emphasis on opportunity over physical locations.

Even better, our map allows retailers to understand customer behavior throughout the day using the time-lapse camera feature that can be played, paused, and restarted. All other insights and data is displayed neatly right on the FastSensor dashboard. It’s a foot traffic-monitoring dream come true!

See the notable deep learning enhanced features of our new heat map in action:

So, instead of accepting the traditional heat map approach in which the amount of bodies are considered paramount to the amount of money spent, turn your attention to a new kind of deep learning map more intent on showcasing where opportunity potential resides over physical store location. Though physical location, the number of people, and everything else is still definitely viable information for increasing profit, with our map, business owners will have the insight they’ve been looking for when it’s time to really identify where the money opportunities reside.


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