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FastSensor Helps Retailers Formulate Shopping Solutions

Owning a lucrative brick-and-mortar store location is no easy task today. Due to the changing nature of the worldwide economy and how consumers interact with their favorite brands, more emphasis is being placed on the online shopping experience. For those with showroom locations and products that consumers want to experience firsthand, they are looking for the data and the analysis they need to make the right changes to their store location.

FastSensor steps in to close the technological gap between sales best practices in “old-fashioned” brick-and-mortar stores for business owners looking to the future today. Looking at the analytics gathered through the FastSensor platform, the firm observes the important patterns of information as it relates to store visitors. To do this, FastSensor relies upon computer programming, statistics, and operations research to reveal and evaluate the “big picture” of a total organization’s performance. This data visualization subsequently provides insight into a clear and meaningful way.

In a nutshell, FastSensor works to solve: • The percentage of individuals that walk by the store and choose to come inside • The shopper engagement on a daily basis • The effectiveness of promotions • The effectiveness of sales messaging • The design layout and optimization • The best way to increase conversion numbers • The best way to schedule staff members for increasing sales and boosting revenue • The most effective method of capitalizing on peak traffic hours

With so many variables and different actions that go into the recipe for a successful retail venture, FastSensor relies on technological tracking and analysis to make sense of the data and information available to retailers today. From there, changes to the design, store layout, promotions, messaging, staff interaction, and peak traffic hours can be curated to perfectly suit the ideal clientele. It’s a practical solution to today’s ever-changing retail industry.


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