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Event Marketing 2.0

In many respects, exhibitors were the originators of experiential marketing - which aims to bring a more interactive experience to current and potential customers. From product demos to booth games, exhibition halls have long been the testing grounds for interactivity and engagement. It's important to create memorable experiences at trade shows and experiential deployments in order to build brand loyalty. For businesses serious about ROI, it’s also important to measure their effectiveness.

Is Trade Show or Experiential Marketing Worth the Investment?

If you’re like many businesses, trade shows and experiential events are a key part of your annual marketing plan. But how do you know if your investment was worth it?

Managing your marketing dollars is already a challenge in itself, and the last thing you want to do is question whether those dollars were spent on the right tactics. Among the heftiest expenses in your marketing spend are event costs, including staffing and time spent coordinating – which is why it’s important to understand if these events truly hold value in your marketing strategy.

To avoid wasting time and money, and to build a methodology for measuring and improving your events, the right solution can make all the difference.

How FastSensor Works for Trade Shows and Experiential Marketing

FastSensor helps marketers and event coordinators measure the effectiveness of their efforts. An intelligent solution built to measure footfall and engagement, the platform can help businesses evaluate marketing tactics beyond traditional sales metrics from the bottom of the funnel.

FastSensor provides unique insights on physical marketing efforts like trade show booths and experiential deployments: how many prospects passed by the booth, how many entered and long they stayed, what areas or features they engaged with, and more.

What FastSensor Can Measure

FastSensor provides a wealth of insights to help marketers optimize their tactics and ROI. It reveals previously inaccessible information critical for creating the most ideal customer experience and generating more leads. FastSensor can measure:

- Brand awareness - how many impressions and minutes of impression are created

- Foot traffic - walk-by traffic and conversion to visitation and engagement

- Attraction by area - engagement and dwell time by area (or display)

- Traffic flow - foot traffic by the hour, common entry/exit points, most traveled paths

- Segmentation - the percentage of Browsers (casual visitors) to Engagers (engaged visitors)

- Device types - what devices (e.g., Apple, Samsung) are carried - important for app development

The data collected provides highly actionable trade show metrics that can help evaluate:

Marketing effectiveness - Gauge the performance of the booth design and layout, the relevance of the products displayed, whether pre-show campaigns were successful, and how effective booth staff is.

Sales effectiveness - Know when to staff up or down according to accurate foot traffic data, and measure the ability of the booth staff to turn visitors at the booth into engaged prospects and into qualified leads.

Being able to visualize these metrics opens a whole new dimension in measuring, benchmarking and managing marketing programs - providing business with similar performance metrics to the world of e-commerce. What’s more, FastSensor is more cost-effective and easier to use than other solutions, making it a practical solution that fits into existing budgets.

Improve Trade Show and Experiential Marketing ROI with a Real-Time Monitoring Solution

Armed with these insights, you can create and manage your booth around real, measurable outcomes. Further, when looking at these insights against lead capture and conversion data, businesses have a better understanding of marketing ROI. They can deliver a better experience, higher engagement, and increased lead capture. Ultimately, insights like FastSensor’s can help drive higher ROI from trade shows and experiential deployments.


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