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Helping to make FastSensor for Events data work for you

Understanding how to take advantage of your event analytics can be challenging - we're here to help.

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What can I do with FastSensor data?

Each space is different.
FastSensor is focused on yours.

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Paint a complete picture of your event to determine what is working well and what can be improved.

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Is your booth in the right place? Your walk-by data will tell you. Are your materials engaging? Check your FQV.

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FastSensor's conversion funnel will let you enhance each step of the visitor journey and overall experience.

Protecting the privacy of you and your customers is important. Learn how FastSensor keeps your data safe.

Measure your next event

Get started as soon as your next event by scheduling a demo with FastSensor today.

Connect event metrics to ROI-boosting benefits

Build and refine your strategic objectives based on customer-driven data to turn critical metrics into tangible improvements.

Visitor Engagement

Reveal your full impact with powerful metrics such as total brand impression and customer engagement to maximize brand affinity.


Paint a complete picture of precisely how much exposure your event generates from a total brand perspective.

Booth Dwell Time

Learn effective methods of increasing you booth's performance by extending the amount of time each visitor spends in your space.

But wait, there's more

FastSensor offers in-depth, ROI-boosting analytics for a variety of verticals and industries.

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