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How to Increase Visitor Dwell Time in Your Trade Show Booth or Exhibition

The relationship between increased dwell time and higher brand affinity or profits is unmistakeable. It is one of the metrics most commonly coveted by management across a variety of industries, as it can indicate a direct correlation between behavior and satisfaction.

Despite this, many businesses aren't adequately using dwell time to increase their bottom line. While some industries, retail in particular, are better at emphasizing this critical metric, others fail to take advantage of its benefits.

What is Dwell Time?

The word dwell, meaning to live in or at a specified place, can also be applied to customer behavior within a space. The phrase dwell time is used across a variety of verticals but ultimately boils down to the same set of actions - the duration of time an individual spends in a given space.

For trade show booths and exhibitions, this can apply to the number of minutes a visitor physically spent inside an individual booth.

Why is Dwell Time Important for Trade Show Booths?

To marketers, the dwell time metric is one of the most accurate representations of their effectiveness and engagement. Each additional minute spent within a branded booth offers exponential opportunity for management to capitalize on.

The challenge for many involves discovering the proper ingredients that increase dwell time to a level of interaction that results in a chain reaction ultimately leading to higher numbers of customers and boosted sales.

Regardless of your team's marketing goals, increasing visitor dwell time within your trade show booth is certainly going to play a large role in helping you achieve them.

How Brands Increase Dwell Time?

FastSensor for Events provides booths and brands alike the opportunity to fully measure and analyze visitor foot traffic within and around your space. Even more compelling, FastSensor can tell you how each visitor progressed through your Engagement Funnel, which differentiates between passersby, browsers and engagers.

Along with numerous other valuable data points, including time-in-view, FastSensor arms brands with the total dwell time for each portion of their booth, revealing critical bottlenecks that prevent engagement, which materials were most effective, and which personnel members were most interactive.

"Visitor dwell time was 20% higher in Zone A than Zone B - let's adjust staffing so we can engage with more people."

"We can see from our FastSensor data that the front of our booth generated an average of 5 minutes total dwell time - we should ensure our marketing messages are timed appropriately."

Minor adjustments to any of the above can result in monumental improvements.

Monitoring Dwell Time with FastSensor

If you're ready to begin monitoring visitor dwell time for your next trade show booth, fair, or exhibition, FastSensor is here to help.

Get the full scoop on FastSensor for Events.

Click here to schedule a conversation with one of our dedicated representatives.

Or, visit our blog to learn more about how FastSensor can increase your trade show ROI.


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