Case Studies 


"We took the FastSensor data and restructured our staffing plan to accommodate the true traffic patterns... enhancing the customer experience."

Ferris Wheel

ADAM Prevents COVID-19 Outbreak in California

“It was really scary at first. 
We heard about all these places closing down…
We all thought we were going to lose our jobs.”

FastSensor Data Lowered Costs for Global Food Chain

The challenge?
Identify optimal square footage for restaurants based on nothing more than foot traffic and customer behavior...
The solution?

"I was shocked with the results I got from FastSensor. We decided to change the customer experience based on the data we got and then the magic happened."

"It worked way better than we expected. FastSensor is the best technology on the market and we are very proud to be partners."

Safer Spaces. 

Smarter Solutions.

Maximum ROI.