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Meet FastSensor AI

Smart customer analytics begin at the front door to measure visitor engagement and deliver actionable insights.


Smart hardware, simple installation

If you know how many doors you have you're ready for FastSensor.


More metrics for less money

We get it - you're always looking to increase profits. We can help.

Our AI-powered ecosystem works as an ROI treasure map for your store by revealing actionable analytics you can turn into cost-saving optimizations

laptop_dashboard copy.png

Simple enough for Mom and Pop,

Smart enough for Big Tech


Private LTE network protects your store and customers

24/7 access to easy to navigate online dashboard

Plug-and-play capabilities put you in control

Actionable engagement analytics for meaningful A/B testing

Fully scalable business intelligence retail ecosystem

Exclusive Customer Heatmap

So, what exactly makes FastSensor smart?

Our proprietary, AI-powered machine learning algorithm doesn't hurt.


total data points collected, analyzed, visualized, and ready to work for your business


Don't panic, we're here to help

Sure, FastSensor is designed with simplicity in mind, but that doesn't mean you won't have questions. Our team of dedicated account managers are here to help maximize your experience - and ROI.


Let's talk.

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