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Protect your people and your business

Keep Covid-19 out of your business with safe, smart contact tracing and social distancing solutions.

Precise contact tracing made simple with ADAM

Real-time alerts via wearable devices.

Protect your business, event, or gathering space with contact tracing and  social distance monitoring delivered through an online dashboard.

Reduce risk and prevent outbreaks.

Identify how to increase brand impressions, visitor engagement, and total conversions to maximize your investment.


Wearable Accessories

Personalized dashboard visualizes data.

Understand which devices interacted with one another and for how long.

"We're using FastSensor to offer contact tracing for our student-athletes... (providing) critical data about our practices while keeping our teams healthy."

Director of Athletics
North Central University

Contact tracing as easy as 1, 2, 3...


Wearable Accessories

Personal wearables provide vibrating alerts and log interactions for contact tracing


LTE Gateway

Gateways cover common areas and entry/exit points to collect data from wearables


Dashboard / API Feed

Monitor interactions and alerts to conduct contact tracing

How does ADAM perform contact tracing?

Contact tracing with FastSensor ADAM

Learn how FastSensor helps companies protect their people, prevents outbreaks, and reduces risk.

ADAM is here to help

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