Where people go, business follows

FastSensor is the first AI-powered, on-site, journey mapping and human behavior interpretation platform that can help you effectively harvest ROI from your physical environment 

Your investment in safety today,

delivers data-driven solutions for tomorrow

  • Comprehensive Optimization Analysis

  • AI-Powered Journey Measurement

  • Actionable Analytics

  • Smarter Operations

  • Social Distancing Made Simple 

  • Contact Tracing Capabilities

  • Real-Time User, Management Alerts

  • Mitigate Health and Legal Concerns


FastSensor Gathers, Interprets and Delivers  location and behavior data

  • Turnkey, 4th generation sensors
  • Private LTE networks
  • Gathers only anonymous, non-PII signals
  • FCC approved, easy deployment
  • Accurate to 1.5 sq. meters
  • Proprietary, cloud-based machine learning algorithm
  • Monitors safety, journeys, efficiency
  • Offers data-driven improvements, optimizations, ideas
  • All while maintaining privacy  
  • Clean, powerful dashboard output
  • API connects to your preferred business intelligence platformM
  • Easily accessible through mobile device, computer, digital signage

FastSensor Partners


FastSensor's real-time journey mapping insights amplify your current data stream

"Using an ETL feed, I integrated FastSensor's data with client data and other public data sources. Then using Tableau we were able to answer challenging questions, deliver insights and drive value for our clients."

- Ian Roberts, RAAMP Pty Ltd

"We were shocked with the results from FastSensor. We decided to change the customer experience based on the data we got and then the magic happened, 42% more conversions in one month. The FastSensor tech is awesome…I wish I knew about it earlier."

- Honda Motors

"Unlike Beacon or Wi-Fi-based solutions, FastSensor is currently the only vendor capable of indoor passive smartphone tracking (requires NO app download, Bluetooth on, Wi-Fi log-in, or other opt-in technology."

- PlanetRetail RNG

FastSensor Clients

Safer Spaces. Better Processes. 

Smarter Solutions.