Understand your Shoppers.

Gain valuable insight into what your shoppers are looking for, loyalty, showrooming and more!

Real-Time Experience Tracking

When you know what customers are looking for, it’s easier to give them what they want! FastSensor can clue you in on what’s working and what’s not – and what you need to do to improve engagement and increase revenue.


How It Works

Step 1

Plug-and-play sensors gather anonymous, non-personal signals emitted by customers' devices.

Step 2

FastSensor's powerful Machine Learning Algorithm measures how customers flow through, how long they stay and how often they return.

Step 3

The cloud platform accumulates data from all venues, providing a unified and instant view of customers, across the chain -- all in real-time.


Simple, Secure, Reliable


Plug In, Configure and Go!

No Opt-In required,

Captive Portal optional.


Data transfer without touching your network.

Access Levels for Dashboards.


Capture data down

to 1 square meter.

Real data in real time.


FastSensor Qualified Visitors

What is a FQV?

A FastSensor Qualified Visitor (FQV) is a person that is part of a group that acts in a similar way (behavior) in a given situation, store, restaurant, venue or booth.  The algorithm learns the visitor behavior based on multiple analyses of the average persona and predicts the number of qualified visitors.

Why Qualified Visitors?

A FastSensor Qualified Visitor (FQV) has indicated interest in what a brand has to offer based on marketing efforts or is otherwise more likely to become a customer than other leads.

Lead Behavior

One of the most critical factors in differentiating a qualified lead is their behavior in your store, restaurant, venue, or booth and how they engage with your brand, products, and showroom.  The weight that a particular action or behavior carries within FQV scoring will depend on the patterns learned by observing all leads. Loyalty, number of areas engaged, dwell time, are some general characteristics FastSensor monitors and factors into FQV definitions.


The Power Of AI and Machine Learning

FastSensor offers cutting edge technology for retailers, dealerships, restaurants, events and more. Beyond an affordable real-time positioning system that is easy to install, the powerful AI algorithm running on the backend reveals real opportunities to sell. It counts more than the number of bodies that cross a threshold of a geo-fence or "door swings", and unveils behavior patterns and qualified leads so you can analyze your business, ROI, and marketing campaign using unbiased and accurate data.

FastSensor tracks the complete Customer Journey.


Consume the Data Your Way

Use our Dashboard

For fast and real time analysis

Use our API's or ETL feeds for data export

To connect to your tool of choice for custom analysis


Unlike Beacon or Wi-Fi-based solutions, FastSensor is currently the only vendor capable of indoor passive smartphone tracking (requires NO app download, Bluetooth on, Wi-Fi log-in, or other opt-in technology).

—  PlanetRetail RNG

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