FastSensor for Retail

What if you could improve your store conversion rate by better understanding customer behavior?

It's time to level up your data.
Meet the first AI-powered journey mapping, behavioral analytics ecosystem that delivers actionable insights for physical environments.


Eliminate complicated installs and network integration with built-in LTE functionality and online management dashboards.


Manage all platform data safely and securely, collecting only non-PII metrics and always global privacy policy compliant.


FastSensor's versatile, all-in-one ecosystem lets you start small and expand your capabilities based on the needs of your business.

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What do users have to say about FastSensor?

"We’re utilizing FastSensor to provide contact tracing for our student-athletes during team workouts. The technology, dashboard and information provided critical data about our practices while keeping our teams healthy."

- Director of Athletics, NCU

"We were shocked with the results from FastSensor. We decided to change the customer experience based on the data we got and then the magic happened, 42% more conversions in one month. The FastSensor tech is awesome…I wish I knew about it earlier."

- Honda Motors

"Unlike Beacon or Wi-Fi-based solutions, FastSensor is currently the only vendor capable of indoor passive smartphone tracking that requires NO app download, Bluetooth on, Wi-Fi log-in, or other opt-in technology."

- PlanetRetail RNG

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Safer Spaces. 
Smarter Solutions.
Maximum ROI.