Reveal your full impact

FastSensor gathers, analyzes, and delivers foot traffic analytics and engagement metrics from physical spaces.

Collect actionable insights from any space

Transform your physical space into digital analytics with elite customer journey tracking and engagement analysis delivered through your own online dashboard. 

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Make every decision driven by data

How do you calculate trade show ROI? What is your average customer dwell time? How can you optimize your booth display marketing?

FastSensor has the answer.

Learn how to truly measure the effectiveness of your event or retail space with precise customer heatmapping and behavior analytics to determine true store and trade show ROI.


Gain a better understanding of your performance

"We increased customer engagement by 25%, while reducing costs an additional 18%."

Honda Motors


What does FastSensor do?



FastSensor AI tracks physical foot traffic moving in and around your space to convert into measurable data



FastSensor AI makes sense of these data, seeking specific trends and translating them into actionable analytics



Check your results and monitor performance 24/7 with detailed online dashboard



Implement data-driven improvements built around your desired KPIs and goals

More benefits for your business

Improve customer experience and brand affinity

Maximize conversions and customer engagements

Evaluate effectiveness of marketing efforts and actions

Discover optimal space designs and floor layouts

Measure critical KPIs built around your strategic goals


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