Smart, AI-powered contact tracing.

Protect your business with professional

Covid-19 solutions including Contact Tracing and Social  Distance Monitoring

Physical Distancing 

Monitor social distancing to reduce the risk of illness while maximizing the health and wellness of your team

Contact Tracing

Prevent outbreaks through detailed contact tracing feature and identify high-risk interactions

With FastSensor, smart contact tracing is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Risk Analytics

AI-powered dashboard provides management with analytics to perform precise, professional contact tracing


Wearable Accessories

Sleek, personal wearables that provide vibrating alerts & log all interactions for contact tracing purposes

LTE Gateway

Powerful, plug-and-play Gateways cover common areas, entry/exit points, and nearly all other professional environments

Detailed dashboard provides management alerts with WHO and WHEN protocol was violated & provides detailed contact tracing data


Dashboard / API Feed

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