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Social Distancing Alert and Monitoring for Businesses and Employees

You need a safe way to get back in business.

We can get you there safely, responsibly, quickly.

If you’re looking for a safe and quick path to opening your doors, you have a lot of new challenges to consider. How will you keep your employees and visitors safe? Do you have the tools you need to mitigate risk and protect your business from liability?

Managing physical distance in your store is a major key to meeting these challenges head on.

How? With FastSensor ADAM.

FastSensor is an industry-leading solution for tracking movement anywhere people gather indoors - restaurants, retail stores, trade shows, and more. FastSensor ADAM (Active Distance Alert and Monitoring System) builds on our existing technology to provide real-time social distancing insight. With this information, you can:

  • Measure and monitor physical distance

  • Identify and highlight areas with a higher concentration of people

  • Get real-time alerts via SMS, email, webhooks and more

  • Take action

Make your physical environment safe again. We give you the tools you need to protect your employees and visitors, while keeping your doors open and transactions flowing.

Simple deployment. Portable, self-trainable system, and easy to use with included data connectivity, FastSensor ADAM is the definition of plug & play.

Protect people AND privacy. We estimate the number of devices in an area by picking up on non-personal device signals. No personal data, app downloads, bluetooth or opt-ins required!

Track on your terms. Monitor physical distancing through FS Dashboard, or use the available API to integrate with your systems. Plus, customized triggers and tiers will alert the right people at the right time.

Our #1 goal is to help you open your doors to begin transacting again - quickly and safely!

Contact us today to receive 40% off up to one year of service - flexible contract terms are available.

10% of each purchase is donated in support of healthcare workers.


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