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How Our Social Distancing and Contact Tracing Technology Exceeds Beacons & Cameras

We’ve seen a common question since we conceptualized FastSensor, including ADAM in particular, as a means to monitor social distancing and contact tracing while simultaneously serving business owners looking for safer, more secure ways to return to business - how is it different from the myriad other options in the marketplace?

Let’s discuss.

First, it’s critical to understand what’s out there. The concept of capacity counting in public spaces is not new. Businesses have, for years, used various forms of occupancy counters, whether technological transmitters known as beacons, door counters, or security cameras, to mark important places, objects, etc. within a given space.

Beacons specifically present numerous issues that stunt effectiveness, including an eternal dependence on Bluetooth being powered on, on top of the countless privacy concerns that arise when dealing with invasive technologies that require an opt in. This significantly minimizes their penetration rates, & thus data sample size, & ultimate effectiveness. In fact, according to Annalect, these concerns have caused many business owners to scale back beacon deployment following lukewarm reception amongst customers, settling instead on a more traditional camera-only approach.

Unlike beacons, cameras do allow for passive tracking, meaning no action is required by the customer, while providing a more precise snapshot of a targeted area. However, this small boost in personal privacy, which in itself even seems counter-intuitive given the nature of filming a customer’s every move, also means fewer learning opportunities for management due to the lack of valuable information that can be collected from customers themselves.

Additionally, cameras & beacons alike still cannot distinguish first-time shoppers from returning customers, or differentiate between shoppers & employees. In an era of social distancing, this can trigger false alerts that cause more harm than help, serving as an obstacle to optimization, potentially even putting your operation at risk.

How does this relate to FastSensor’s legacy products & our ADAM solution? While the ability to monitor & alert on social distancing issues illustrates where the environment & workflow can be altered to improve safety, our system allows you to excel where these other technologies fall short. Our sensor-enabled artificial intelligence not only recognizes employees vs. customers, but goes a step further by allowing managers to determine first-time vs. returning customers - as well as the behaviors of each. This assists in answering critical questions beyond matters of public safety, such as ‘how loyal are my customers?’ or ‘is it time to update our promotions to attract new visitors?’

You can also eliminate potential privacy concerns. FastSensor is GDPR, CCPA & globally compliant with privacy regulations, collects absolutely zero PII, encrypts all data at the sensor level & operates independent of an organization’s network & existing IT infrastructure. FastSensor was designed to operate on our standalone, private, client-specific network which connects to powerful AI algorithms & a data warehouse specific to a single client, ensuring privacy & security.

Finally, & most importantly, is the effectiveness & accuracy offered by our technology. Unlike beacons, which typically offer coverage only precise to 6 sq. meters, FastSensor’s robust system of sensors covers every square meter in your space. Due to the connected nature of our devices, they’re able to communicate in real-time & provide a comprehensive story of what is effective & what isn’t within your environment- unlike beacons, which act as independent silos that are unaware of other devices around them. This becomes increasingly valuable as time progresses, as FastSensor’s advanced algorithms are designed to learn, process & share qualified information, giving you the ammunition to enact whatever optimization techniques are necessary.

Why should you choose FastSensor? To put it simply, it’s the most versatile, comprehensive, yet focused tool of its kind. Our capabilities exceed far beyond traditional tools that have long been used but rarely improved upon. Quite simply, FastSensor technology is the latest evolution in its field, designed to solve numerous problems with one system.

So, how can FastSensor help your business in a way these legacy devices cannot? The simpler question may be - how doesn’t it?


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