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FastSensor Launches Australian Partnership Emphasizing Automated Contact Tracing, Covid-19 Solutions

As FastSensor continues our quest to help the world combat Covid-19 and reopen with smarter, safer security measures in place, we're pleased to launch a new partnership with Australian-based solutions provider FS Australasia (FS-ANZ).

Our goal is to provide safe, smart, automated contact tracing, social distancing, and capacity management solutions that protect both customers and employees from Covid-19. Using MST (My Safe Trace), FS-ANZ and FastSensor are confident we can have a positive impact on businesses both large and small.


Seeking safety solutions for your business? We can help.


Below is the full press release, published by FS Australasia.

Media Release

FS Australasia (FS-ANZ)


21 January 2021

MST – The World Leading AI-Powered Social Distance Monitoring and Contact Tracing Solution.

Introducing “My Safe Trace” (MST) – A World Leading Social Distancing, Contact Tracing and Outbreak Prevention.

People are returning to the office and borders are reopening. With more movement comes more risk.

MST is a world leading solution that will keep the economy moving, businesses open and employees, clients and visitors safe!

MST is powered by FastSensor, who are the pioneer and global technology leader in foot traffic

management systems. Leveraging FastSensor’s patented AI-enabled platforms, MST delivers the most comprehensive, reliable and effective social distancing and contact tracing solution that is tailor made for every environment, anywhere in the world.

MST has several layers that provide maximum protection, keep businesses open, and keeping staff and customers safe:

● MST’s FastSensor wearables for staff and registered visitors providing vibrating alerts while

automatically recording proximity data for social distancing and contact tracing.

● FastSensor contactless gateways that extract, purge and automatically transmit encrypted data to our secure servers while always remaining privacy compliant.

● AI-enabled analytics dashboards provide real time insights and alerts into wearer’s behaviour.

● “VisitNinja” Visitor Management Solution links data from wearables to the privacy protected

personal identities helping teams know who is on site and who they have come into contact with.

“MST has the potential to make a huge impact on the way Australians work, play and travel,” said Des McGuirk, Managing Director of FS Australasia. “We’re increasingly realising that with contact tracing, every second counts and delays can, and do, cost lives. What a fully digital solution like MST really addresses, and overcomes, is the limitation of human recall. That’s why we see such a bright future ahead for MST and many other tools we are developing and releasing in partnership with FastSensor. Real time, convenient and secure person-to-person contact tracing solutions like MST will help us avoid having to lock down all or parts of the economy for long periods.”

How does FastSensor use artificial intelligence to perform smarter, safer contact tracing and social distancing? Check out the video below or learn more on our homepage!


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