Retail Changes Constantly

New data to better manage your retail store

FastSensor provides a wealth of data, empowering retailers with the same tools as the digital competition. It reveals never previously accessible information critical for creating the ideal shopping experience.​

Foot Traffic & Capture Rate
Shopper's Journey
Performance of Areas
And more...
  • Loyalty

  • Shopper's profile

  • Queue (check-out) management

  • Staff tracking

FastSensor is the Most Effective

Do you want to SCORE BIG on Shopper Tracking & Analytics?

FastSensor is the best solution according to



Identify and engage with unique visitors across all locations, and collect data on frequency and attraction for individuals.


Explore how customers navigate the store, adjust to optimize their journey, and offer a better experience.

Keep Shoppers Coming Back

Understand how staffing impacts the customer experience, and use FS data to take interactions to the next level.


Discover what's working and what's not, make data-backed improvements that will positively impact your sales.

Real-Time Experience Tracking

When you know what customers are looking for, it’s easier to give them what they want! FastSensor can clue you in on what’s working and what’s not – and what you need to do to improve engagement and increase revenue.

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More about FastSensor...

More about FastSensor...

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