The Automotive Industry

Changes Constantly

Extended maintenance intervals and higher customer expectations make retaining clients more difficult than ever before. Online shopping and information have changed the game.

As vehicles age, new car dealerships lose customers to aftermarket competitors.

Let FastSensor insights guide you!

Dealerships Need a Simple Solution

FastSensor provides a wealth of data to help dealerships compete on value and experience instead of price. It reveals information critical for creating the ideal experience, boosting routine maintenance visits, enhancing customer satisfaction and driving new car sales.

Foot Traffic & Conversion Rate
Internal Conversions






Showroom Engagement
And more...
  • Loyalty

  • Customer's profile

  • Queue management

  • Staff tracking

FastSensor is the Most Accurate

FastSensor is the best technology according to



Identify and engage with unique customers across all locations, and collect data on frequency and attraction for individuals.


Explore how customers navigate the showroom, adjust to optimize their journey, and recognize "ready to buy" shoppers.

Keep Customers Comming Back

Measure your service and maintenance bottlenecks, and use FS data to take customer satisfaction to the next level.


Discover what's working and what's not, make data-backed improvements that will positively impact your sales.

Real-Time Experience Tracking

When you know what customers are looking for, it’s easier to give them what they want! FastSensor can clue you in on what’s working and what’s not – and what you need to do to improve engagement and increase revenue.

Case Study

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that turned showroom engagement into 42% sales lift:

More about FastSensor...

More about FastSensor...

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