The Tradeshow Revolution

Times are changing fast. Exhibiting costs are rising. Attendee behaviors are shifting. Executive management is pressing for tradeshow cost justification and ROI.


Let FastSensor insights guide you!

Booths Need a Simple Solution

FastSensor provides a wealth of data to help booths achieve the optimal ROI. It reveals previously inaccessible information critical for creating the most ideal customer experience and generating more leads.

Conversion Rate
Visitor's Journey
Outreach Funnel
Time in View
Display Attractiveness
And more...
  • Foot traffic

  • Visitor's profile

  • Conversion from display

  • Conversion from LED

  • Employee tracking

FastSensor is the Most Effective



Identify and engage with unique visitors across all sections, and collect data on frequency and attraction for individuals.


Explore how visitors navigate, adjust to optimize their journey, and offer a better experience to boost your ROI.

More Visitors

Measure passerbys, conversion rates, and attractiveness. Use FS to improve the experience and take visitor engagement to the next level.

Hassle Free

Analytics are labor and time-intensive. Let FS clean data sets and remove invalid records to ensure accuracy of findings with a 99% passive penetration!

Real-Time Experience Tracking

When you know what customers are looking for, it’s easier to give them what they want! FastSensor can clue you in on what’s working and what’s not – and what you need to do to improve engagement and increase revenue.

Case Study

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More about FastSensor...

More about FastSensor...

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